Due Diligence

Whether buying, selling or refinancing; understanding environmental, social and governance exposures can be crucial to investors. 

Responsible Investment

The Responsible Investment agenda is of increasing importance for many investors and there are now additional pressures to develop policies and systems which ensure better management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk and maximisation of value through opportunities in these fields.  Our ESG experts are well recognised in the industry, having supported a multitude of private equity, infrastructure and real estate funds. 

Environment, Health & Safety Management Systems

With increasingly complex environmental and health & safety (EHS) legislative frameworks, and closer scrutiny from investors, customers and the public; better management of EHS issues can help reduce impacts and ensure compliance. 

Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) sets out the actions to be undertaken by a developer to manage environmental issues during development.  The Plans are often required in response to planning conditions or legal obligations; but may also be produced as part of a positive communications campaign for a wider audience. 

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